Anti-Inflammatory Supplement Benefits

Best Anti-Inflammatory Supplements on the market

Anti Inflammatory Supplement Benefits


For the most part, the pain, swelling and heat that a person experiences has a beneficial purpose. When swelling occurs, this is the body’s immune system fighting to keep that individual healthy by fighting off bacteria. It is working hard to fight infection and the clear up any damaged tissues, so the body can return the body to a normal state. The real problem occurs when the inflammation and pain become chronic in nature. This inflammation can spread throughout the body and cause a threat to a person’s overall well-being. Sometimes these conditions can go on for years without anyone investigating the underlying cause. There are many things that can cause inflammation like, cancer, arthritis and diabetes. For those living with a chronic illness, there is another way to treat this condition without using harmful over the counter medications and without prescriptions.

Who Needs Anti-Inflammatory Supplements?

Anti-Inflammatory Supplements may possibly offer relief for those who suffer from a painful inflammation condition. Dealing with inflammation can be unbearable, as it can cause redness and swelling and heat to the affected area. While the swelling may be localized, it can also affect the entire body. Natural Anti-Inflammatory Supplements are used to help keep this condition under control and to allow the person to go about their daily activities.

When the pain and inflammation becomes chronic, this can cause great harm to the body. Chronic inflammations can damages healthy areas of the body, like the joints or the blood vessel walls. Other conditions, like gluten intolerance and diabetes are also known to be caused from this type of inflammation. Sadly, it can also affect other areas, which includes the sinuses, the skin and even the lungs. When the inflammation is affecting the body as a whole, it can cause horrible problems like Heart Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis or even Psoriasis. Even more difficult to understand is that these same inflammation problems can also cause terminal conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

The Benefits of Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

Prescription medications can be dangerous and the side effect profiles lengthy. While there are several on the market that promise great things, the patients run the risk of developing dangerous side effects, which could even be death. Because supplements are all natural, a person can enjoy the benefits of being pain free with no swelling and little to no unwanted secondary effects. Supplements can increase the bodies’ potential to fight off disease, as it helps to build and restore the precious immune system. An immune system that has been compromised can result in damages to numerous areas of the body. By rebuilding this vital system, many problems will over time resolve themselves. Here are some of the reasons why anti-inflammatory supplements are so beneficial:

• Plant Based
• All Natural
• Little To No Side Effects
• Lowers Cytokines Levels in the Body to Reduce Inflammation
• High in Omega 3’s
• Contain Phytochemicals
• Are Not Dangerous To the Heart or Any Other Organ

Why Over the Counter NSAIDs Should Be Avoided

Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplements are better

It is easy for the average person to go into a store and pick up aspirin, Ibuprofen or other common pain relievers. These medications are inexpensive, easy to get a hold of, and they don’t require seeing a doctor. They do have some advantages and some do react to pain quickly, but they can be very dangerous with prolonged use.

For instance, taking acetaminophen is known to cause stomach ulcers and that means bleeding. Taking these medications on a daily basis for treatment can also damage the liver. Whether a person has drank or not, these medications can cause cirrhosis of the liver and this condition is deadly.

The real problem is the body builds up resistance to these drugs rather quickly. While 2 pills may start out working well, the body will need more and more as it builds tolerance to the drugs. The recommended dosage is often exceeded in an attempt to get rid of the pain. While it may get rid of the pain, the interior damage it is doing to the body is a big factor. The problem lies in the dosage for the most part, as many think that if one pill is good, two pills will be better. Studies have shown that most people don’t follow dosage information; they take what works for their pain.

Some people will switch from aspirin to acetaminophen and back and forth trying to find some relief. For most the next step is usually prescription strength NSAID that will have even great risks associated. Using a supplement that is all natural and plant derived will not bring any great side effects or the need to keep increasing the dosage. Because it is natural, there are no worries about cirrhosis of the liver or ulcers. These NSAID drugs just mask the pain, and they don’t do anything to help the body repair and restore.

Medical Studies Prove Anti-Inflammatory Agents Are Best

Many medical studies have been conducted on the use of plant derived medications verses the over the counter varieties. Because of the recognition between inflammation and cancer, anti-inflammatory agents were used in a test study to see if there were true benefits. The National Institute of health found that when there is inflammation in the body, the inflammation tends to facilitate carcinogenesis. By using all natural supplements to remove the inflammation, it is not only preventing the carcinogenesis, but it is also allowing a person to live a longer and healthier life. Also mentioned was the fact that though there are many FDA-approved anti-inflammatory agents on the market, the side effect profile is too great for some to consider this treatment option. NSAID drugs are a short term solution.

Plant based supplements can be used for extended periods of time without issue. They not only go right to the source of the problem, but they also help to restore damage caused by prolonged inflammation. Inflammation left untreated can be deadly to the person not only dealing with the pain, but the other issues caused inside the body. The safe alternative is always the best when dealing with a person’s health.


Medical Studies on Anti-Inflammatory Meds with Cancer