Foods that Cause Inflammation

Taking anti-inflammatory supplements can help fight inflammation.

Foods that Cause Inflammation


There are many things that can cause inflammation for your body, and that includes certain types of foods. Identifying the foods that can create inflammation is important. By consuming them only in moderation or completely eliminating them from your diet, you have a natural way of reducing problems with inflammation in the future.
If you consume a great deal of red meat, it can cause inflammation. While most people aren’t willing to cut red meat completely out of their diet, reducing the intake is a good start. Instead of meat as a main dish, make food that has it as part of other ingredients so that you eat less of it. For example, using meat in a casserole. Exchange meat for chicken or fish several nights per week if you eat it daily.
Fried Foods
Due to the oils used for most fried foods, they are a huge contributor to the risk of inflammation. Many of those foods can be better for you if you choose to bake them instead of fry them.
The amount of sugar that the average person consumes annually can be around 65 pounds! Sugar is found in sweets, juices, soft drinks, and more. The consumption of it can significantly increase the chances of someone experiencing problems from inflammation.
Dairy Products
You may be surprised to see dairy products on this list. Usually, people are being told to consume more dairy due to the good bacteria it offers and the calcium. However, you have to carefully select your dairy. Products that are high in hormones and antibiotics due to how the cows were raised can result in inflammation. Avoid products that aren’t free of such elements to make sure the dairy really is good for you.
Wheat Products
While wheat products do offer your body significant vitamins and nutrients, they can also be harmful. There is plenty of acid in wheat and that is what can cause it to trigger inflammation issues. Avoid GM (genetically modified) wheat products as these seem to be the ones most often linked to inflammation concerns.
Grains with Gluten
Any of the grains that contain gluten can create inflammation problems as well as digestion problems. Today, there are many gluten free products on the market that can be used instead. Some of these grains to consider include millet, quinoa, and buckwheat.
Individuals that consume alcohol on a regular basis are more at risk for inflammation issues than those that don’t. Alcohol contains lots of sugar and it can also be harsh on the functionality of the liver. Individuals that have inflammation issues need to try to eliminate alcohol from their intake.
Avoid These Products and Ingredients
Processed Foods
Foods that are processed can seem like a good idea because you can get them quickly and save time. However, foods that are processed are going to contain ingredients that can contribute to inflammation. This includes common fast food meals so skip that drive up window.
Artificial Sweeteners
Too much sugar can cause inflammation so you need to limit the intake. However, it is a common mistake to think that substituting sugar with artificial sweeteners is a good alternative. Many of these artificial sweeteners can cause inflammation as well as other health issues. Consider natural sweeteners such as honey.
Food Additives
Carefully read the packaging on products you buy at the store. Food additives often provide color, enhance appearance, and increase the shelf life on food products. However, these additives are very often linked to causing inflammation.
Trans Fats
Many of the fats out there that food is made from can create inflammation. They include margarine, shortening, and lard. Products that are made with them including baked goods like sweets and bread contain high amounts of trans fats in them. There are some good alternatives on the market now though so make sure you carefully read the labels.


Healthier Options to Consider

The other half of the solution here is to replace those foods and ingredients that can cause inflammation with those that are healthy for you. Here are some terrific options for you to consider adding to your diet.

Healthy food choices to help fight inflammation
Green Vegetables
While all vegetables are good for you, those that are dark green in color can significantly reduce inflammation. They contain high levels of powerful antioxidants that flush toxins from the body. Those toxins are what can cause the inflammation to occur. These toxins can also result in painful arthritis called gout. The fiber found in these dark green vegetables also helps to reduce the risk of inflammation. Some choices including collard greens, kale, spinach, and brussel sprouts.
Fish and Fish Oil Supplements
There are plenty of types of oil based fish that contain high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids. This includes tuna, sardines, and salmon. If you don’t enjoy eating fish you can also take supplements to help you increase the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids. There are capsules as well as liquid cod liver oil that you can pick from.
Fresh Berries
You will also find plenty of powerful antioxidants offered in fresh berries. This includes blueberries and strawberries. Studies show that larger sized berries offer more benefits as they hold more phenolics and antioxidants in them. It is a good idea to consider organic berries too so that your body isn’t going to get any harmful chemicals from the processing side of things.
Olive Oil
Get into the habit of cooking with olive oil to help reduce inflammation. It contains Oleocanthal that provides anti-inflammatory agents.
Adding Turmeric powder to your food is a terrific option too. It contains Curcumin which helps to reduce the possibility of inflammation. This is accomplished by reducing the amount of Cytokins in the body.


Now that you are aware of the foods that cause inflammation as well as those that reduce it, you can make better choices for your overall health. Inflammation is at the core of many health issues including arthritis, diabetes, various types of cancer, and even obesity. By reducing inflammation you will feel better and reduce your possible issues with serious health problems.

Try adding a Natural Anti-Inflammatory Supplement

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